Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Book Fiend Returns! Along with NaNo...

Hello my fine fuzzy (and not-so-fuzzy) friends!

The time has come again for National Novel Writing Month to begin, and I have decided to do an overhaul on Sincerely, Book Fiend!

1) Sincerely, Book Fiend will now post regular updates, featuring characters from my upcoming NaNo novel, The Legend of the Bastard Prince: Stormfall. LBP has been my pet project for the past 3 years, being an on-and-off work since my last two years of high school. Last year I tried to do LBP for NaNo, but soon realized that the characters I had developed in 2009 were ones that I had outgrown. Turin and Lyna were not as developed as I had once thought, and now new characters would be needed to inhabit a much darker world than existed in 2009.

2) Book Fiend will also be splitting into two separate blogs. The second blog will be called Sincerely, Bug Fiend and post regular updates and comments on new findings in the scientific community, as well as tidbits that Book Fiend and her Fiendish Friends decide to share!

3) Book Fiend will also be posting regular updates on life events (such as the wedding coming up for Book Fiend and her Mischievous Metal Man) and findings that may prove interesting to the passing geek or nerd!

Thanks my fiendlings! Hope you enjoy the coming months of fiendishness!

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